Successfully Raising A Child In Today’s Culture DVD provides parents with the skills they need to help their child guard the heart in a technology-driven, sexually charged culture. In this seminar, recorded in 2015, Pastor Rod and Nicole share their real life experiences and wisdom gained from years in the classroom. In addition, they explain the science behind romantic attachments and the risks associated with unmonitored technology.

This GTHM is seminar is specifically geared toward PARENTS and includes Pastor Rod Lott’s powerful personal testimony.

Topics include: What God Says About The Heart, Pastor Rod’s Testimony (Bonding: Male Point-Of-View), Oxytocin, Sexual Neurochemicals and GTHM Parent Solutions.

Guard the Heart Ministries (GTHM) is a Christ-centered organization launched in response to an epidemic of people suffering from the consequences of unhealthy relational attachments. Those consequences include: heartbreak, frustration, the inability to break away from unhealthy romantic relationships and loss of the ability to form healthy attachments.

Pastor Rod and Nicole Lott are committed to teaching people about the science behind relational bonding. Whether you are married or single, GTHM offers practical ways to guard your heart. These include: healthy dating principles for singles and parents of teens, breaking free of unhealthy dating relationships, conflict resolution for couples and fortifying the marital bond.