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Guard the Heart Ministries Parent Seminar with Pastor Rod Lott
Guard the Heart Ministries Parent Seminar with Pastor Rod Lott
Guard the Heart Ministries Parent Seminar with Pastor Rod Lott

GTHM’s Parent Seminar “Successfully Raising a Child In Today’s Culture” educates and empowers parents (and teachers!) to raise children and teens in a way that honors God and keeps them physically and emotionally safe.

This seminar specifically teaches parents about the basics of teen dating and the science behind relationships and the sin of sexual immorality.

Today is not the same as yesterday and teens are being influenced by popular culture to have sex at earlier ages. The media is continually bombarding our children with the message that “sex has no consequences” and that “freakiness” is cool and the above results are gloomy.

Our culture screams things like “Casual sex has no consequences!” and it’s obvious to adults that these messages are lies—lies that have very serious consequences. Unfortunately, as we can see from the above statistics, our young people are not discerning nor coping very well with these lies.

Will you help us fight back? Guard the Heart Ministries brings a practical Biblical message of healthy sexuality to parents and students. Together, we can speak truth to our young people so that we give them back the choice to make healthy decisions about their future. Are you are looking for specific help? Check out our Parent Resources!


Parent Seminar Topics Include:


  • Biblical Approach to Teen Sexuality
  • What God’s Word Says About the Heart
  • Current Teen Trends and Statistics (with a focus on technology statistics)
  • Emotional Consequences of Sexual Activity (Effects of Neurochemicals: Oxytocin)
  • Destructiveness of Pornography
  • Importance of Safely Using of Technology
  • Teaching Your Child How to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk/Jerkette
  • Dating Principles: How to Really KNOW Someone
  • Practical Ways to Teach your Child to Resist Pressure (Exit strategies and Refusal Skills)


“I was at your Parent Seminar, and I absolutely loved it! Your message is fantastic and it really hit home with me on several levels. You have truly changed many lives by educating these parents (including myself). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Many parents asked if you would come back when their younger children are teens, so I’m sure we will be in touch!”

Linda R. (Parent Seminar)

“I originally attended the seminar to be better equipped to guide my children and found that the material was very relevant to me at this stage of my life! The seminar was straight-forward, informational, fun and very relevant! I wish this knowledge was available to me when I was a teenager to have helped me make wiser choices and to have helped me guard my heart along the way.”

Debbie P. (Parent Seminar)

“I learned so much last night. I’ve been telling everyone about Oxytocin 🙂  I really think that people with & without kids should go through this. It explains what’s going on with people addicted to porn, why people cheat on others and why multiple partners is hurting you. You did an awesome job keeping the energy up, involving the audience, and presenting the info in an interesting way.”

Andy S. (Parent Seminar)

“Your energy and passion for what you teach, as well as your personal stories were great. This is what I liked best: your knowledge, relevant information, visual demonstrations, great sense of humor; your genuine care and concern for children and students. You’re doing an awesome job! I am really glad that I came. The topic was extremely relevant and eye-opening!!! Thank you so much. ”

Teacher (Parent Seminar)

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