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How To Avoid The Epic Family Fail

Has one of your kids ever blatantly lied to you? Has one deliberately chosen to disobey you? It is SUCH a crummy feeling when they do because you're like, "Are you kidding me? After all I've done for you, you're gonna act like this?" If you can relate, it may be time...

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Heartache: 6 Keys To Mending A Broken Heart

Heavy. Hurting. Dark. Lonely. Unfocused. Unmotivated. Empty. Oppressed. DEPRESSED! That pretty much sums up my emotions right now. I was totally pumped to write about 'confrontation' but a cloak of heaviness has settled over me and I just can't shake it. Soooo... I...

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5 Ways To Win Your Child’s Heart

When I was playing around with the title of this post I couldn't decide if it should be called '5 Ways To Capture Your Child's Heart' or '5 Ways To Win Your Child's Heart'. After seeing it on paper, it became crystal clear. It's definitely about winning your child's...

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