Spouses that admit to having affair (emotional or physical)


Men & women who have had affair with coworker


Men that would have affair if knew never get caught


Women that would have affair if knew never get caught

Guard the Heart Ministries Marriage Class
Guard the Heart Ministries Marriage Class
Guard the Heart Ministries Marriage Class
Guard the Heart Ministries Marriage Class

The next GTHM Marriage Class is scheduled to begin October 18th, 2015 to November 22nd, 2015.  The GTHM Marriage Class meets on Sunday evenings from 5pm-7:30pm at Lamplighter Bible Church, Streamwood, IL.

To register for the next Marriage Class submit your Marriage Class Registration Form now! (Registration deadline is Wed October 14th, 2015.)

Want to avoid these marriage statistics? Then affair-proof your marriage by learning how to meet each others relational needs while learning to stop the cycle of unhealthy behavior.

Does it sometimes seem as though you and your spouse are speaking different love languages? Are you, as a couple, growing closer day by day? Does life come so quick and hard that the realities of circumstances, personality differences, raising kids (especially teenagers!) and other life pressures evolve into obstacles that keep you from experiencing a satisfying marriage together? One more question. Is there room for growth, a little more excitement, and deeper intimacy in your marriage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than this class if for you!

This interactive eight week class challenges couples to transform every aspect of their marriage. This powerful program, led by certified facilitators who understand how difficult marriage can be, helps committed couples sustain a happy, fulfilling relationship that grows stronger each year. It also works amazingly well in healing troubled marriages.

Guard the Heart Ministries Marriage Class


Couples that stay together and in love have the same degree of disagreements as couples that divorce. The difference is in how they handle disagreements and conflict, and how they use skills to build strong, healthy relationships. Couples can unlearn behaviors that destroy love, and replace them with behaviors that keep love alive. Both men and women enter marriage today with higher expectations for interpersonal communication, intimacy, and sexual gratification. If these expectations are not met, they feel freer than they once did to dissolve the relationship and seek a new partner.

GTHM’s Marriage Class helps people learn how to enjoy lifetime marriages that satisfy both partners and nurture children. Getting married is the easy part. Staying married, and happily so, becomes the real challenge for many couples.

Whether you and your partner are in a good place simply looking for some relational enrichment or you are in need of some serious intervention, you will find some great ways to increase the intimacy within your romantic relationship. Come discover new ways to connect!

Class Materials and Cost:

The class cost is $30 per couple. Couple’s kits include books and workbooks.

Who Should Take The Class:

    • Healthy marriages grow to become even stronger.
    • Stagnant and mediocre marriages become exciting again.
    • Crisis marriages do a 180° before they crash.
    • Engaged couples build a foundation for a long and fulfilling marriage.

Couples Who Experience GTHM’s Marriage Class Will Discover:

    • How to be truly committed
    • How to love each other in the way they want to be loved
    • How to eliminate habits that keep love from growing
    • How to listen to each other
    • How to recognize conflict and manage anger
    • How to negotiate during conflict
    • How to pray together as a couple
    • How to forgive one another
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